NETpositive Governance Action Plan

Welcome to NETpositive Governance

Good governance ensures the best possible processes for making and implementing decisions. NETpositive Governance™ goes further by fundamentally enhancing the positive impact of your organisation. It not only protects your organisation in these challenging times but also demonstrates the value your organisation adds to broader society. NETpositive Governance™ requires not only the good mechanics of governance, but also effective dynamics amongst the Board and between the Board, its executive and its external stakeholders.

This governance diagnostic and action-planning tool will help your organisation to review your governance and develop a bespoke approach to delivering NETpositive Governance.

The tool is made up of six sections, covering:

  • Values & Leadership
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Diversity & Effectiveness
  • Risk & Opportunity
  • Culture & Dynamics
  • Transparency & Accountability

Work your way through the tool (which should take 30 minutes). The combined responses of your Board to each of these sections will define your NETpositive Governance Action Plan.